Solvent-Based Verse Water-Based Timber Floor Coatings?

It is a consumer's choice to either use a solvent, or a water-based floor finish.

Bona, Loba and Polycure all have extensive water-based ranges for timber floors which are non-toxic and environmentally responsible.


What is a solvent-based finish?

Solvent-based polyurethane finishes were the standard choice for coating timber floors back in the 1950's. The technology is based on chemical formula's which use solvents as the carriers for the polyurethane.


What is a water-based finish?

Water-based finishes use water as the carrier for polyurethane dispersion. They are classified as non-toxic, produce no no toxic fumes and contain no harmful chemicals for both us and the environment. Water-based finishes retain the natural colour of timber and are easy to maintain.


So what's the main difference between solvent-based and water-based?

The amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) which are emitted as gases during the curing process of the coating. VOC gases are toxic and flammable. Solvent coatings release high levels of VOC's posing health risks, with off-gassing continuing up to months after application. Water-based finishes emit such a low level of VOC's they are considered harmless.


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