How To Repair Hollow Spots In Parquet Floors

Wakol MS335 Repair Resin is a fast-curing, silane modified repair resin for restoring hollow spots in parquet floors. WAKOL MS 335 Repair Resin can be applied independently from the used parquet adhesive.

- Raw material base: Silane-modified polymer

- Pot life: approx. 15 - 20 minutes

- Hardening time: approx. 2 hours

- Storage time: 12 months at room temperature


Let's Fix These Floors!

1. Locate hollow spot and apply masking tape to drilling spot.

2. Open up the hollow spot by drilling, if necessary you may need to make additional drillings.

3. Put 25 ml of water (enough for 300 ml WAKOL MS 335 Repair Resin) with the supplied syringe into a measuring cup greater than 350 ml.

4. Add 300 ml of WAKOL MS 335 Repair Resin to the measuring cup.

5. Mix with a wing stirrer thoroughly for 1 minute until material is homogeneous.

6. Insert the syringe into the drill hole and fill mixture into the syringe.

7. Press mixture into the hollow spot. Continue until hollow spot is entirely filled. Weigh down filled areas for approx. 2 hours.

8. Close drill hole with commonly used materials (caulking, filler, etc)