How To Prepare Your Job For Floating Floors

Learn how to properly prepare your job for floating floor and what finishing touches you need by following this guide:


Is Your Subfloor Level?

Use a level to determine whether the floor is level. Your floating floor will not fit perfectly if the floor is uneven. Fill any uneven areas with a levelling compound or patching compound, or use a concrete grinder to flatten out any high spots. If there are any bumps and ridges in the subfloor make sure to sand down. When you're all finished, vacuum the floor to remove any dust or debris.


How Thick Do You Need Your Underlay?
Size the underlay and cut it with a utility knife. Tack it into the subfloor and then seal the seams together with tape.


What Finishing Touches Do You Require?



When coming in to our stores to select the best suited products for your job we suggest bringing in a floor plan, all required measurements and a sample of your flooring if you would like to colour match trims and scotia.