How To Coat New Timber Deck

Quantum Timbre Plus Decking Oil offers:

- Environmentally resposnsible - made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products

- Non-Toxic, low odour

- Hard wearing with outstanding adhesion and toughness

- Slip and UV resistance


How To

Good preperation is key to a professional looking, long lasting finish. 

1. Power wash deck using SAP STRIP (read technical data sheet thoroughly before use) to remove all extractives and sterilise any fungus or mould. This will also help open up the timber and remove mill glaze to assist peneteration of the coating.

          Application Method:

          - Dissolve 300g in 5 litres of hot water

          - Apply with a brush or garden spray

          - Agitate with a stiff broom or brush to liven up the tannins and extractives

          - Leave on for 15 - 30 minutes

          - Wash off with a strong jet of water (preferably a power wash) to rid the surface of any residual cleaner and tannins brought to the surface.

2. Before applying TIMBRE+ DECKING OIL stir thoroughly before and during application. (read technical data sheet thoroughly before use)

3. Apply liberally along the lengths of the boards (coat no more than 2 or 3 at a time to maintain a wet edge and prevent lap marks). Allow to dry until you re-coat. (read technical data sheet re dry time, weather pedning)

4. We recommend a 3 coat system.


Application Considerations

- Minimum 3 day window with no rain to allow for preperation and penetration of coatings.

- Depending on the amount of High Pressure cleaning the timber requires, an extra day may be needed prior to applying coatings to allow the timber to thoroughly dry. Otherwise the timber will be saturated and not allow coatings to penetrate.

- Misting of the deck prior to applying Timbre+ Decking Oil is only required when coating in high temps and full Sun. Not flooding as this will dilute the product too much.

- Consider using tints to help with UV stability and appearance particulary with aged and grey timbers.


We understand these time frames aren’t always easily achievable but failure to adhere to the system will more then likely result in product deterioration earlier then the consumer would like.